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Whether you’re a seasoned Microchip Technology PIC® microcontroller developer or just getting started with embedded systems, there are many ways for you to participate in the opensource4pic community. This is the place to discuss open-source related projects for PIC MCUs and dsPIC® DSCs. Now is a great time to participate as an active member of the growing opensource4pic community.

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When you are ready to contribute your technical know-how to the community, follow the link on the left to create a new account. The system will create an account on the main portal, the discussion forum, and the wiki. Once your account is activated, you are ready to participate.

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Help produce documentation on the wiki, share the solution to a problem on the forum, or check, proof, and test other documents for accuracy. Help make our projects easier to use through documentation and support.

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Once you're comfortable with a project or two, contribute by writing new software, packaging additional software, or fixing bugs in existing software. This is your chance to show off your programming chops.

Develop software using MPLAB-X SDK

This software development kit contains documentation, sample code, and precompiled libraries for developing a Plugin for MPLAB X IDE, or a standalone application of the MDBCore API.

Thank you for helping to bring the open-source movement to PIC microcontrollers.